Teva X-1 Evolution – Trail-Running Shoes: Reviews

Packed Trail
Everything about the pared-down X-1 is made for speed. Midsole foam is kept to a minimum, forefoot flexibility is maxed, and a snug-fitting heel and arch promote agility. Not surprisingly, this sub-ten-ounce racer is at its best on smooth or rolling terrain like fire roads. "It's like a track shoe for trails," said one tester. Others felt that the X-1's hard-rubber, diamond-shaped lugs weren't tactile enough for Marin County's wet, rooty singletrack but had plenty of bite on loose, dry trails typical of Boulder or Santa Fe. Two minor quibbles: The simple, seamless upper lacks some side-to-side stability on tight corners, and narrow-footed testers experienced some hot spots. 9.6 oz;

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