Bing Lovebird by Chris Del Moro – Surfboards: Reviews

Like the cushy longboards that initially bore the Bing name, the single-fin Lovebird is gorgeous, with a gloss coat, fabric-inlaid deck, and pigment-colored bottom and rail wrap. But this isn't some artsy old-school replica. (The brand was relicensed in 2000.) We tested our 9'2" model in a variety of conditions from junky overhead wind swell to perfect shin-high curlers. The board handled it all admirably. At more than 22 inches wide and nearly three inches thick, it paddled well and provided plenty of float—enough for one of our 200-pound testers to hang five. It's fast, too. Stomp your foot on the diamond tail, and the Lovebird rockets down the line and turns with un-longboard-like agility. 7' to 10';

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