Eagle Creek Swerve 32 - Rolling Luggage : Reviews

Long, trim, well-built, and without an ounce of excess flab, the Swerve manages large loads elegantly. Inside is 5,800 cubic inches of uninterrupted space, which was more than enough to cram all my dive gear, clothing, and personals for a month in the Philippines. Exterior compression straps ratcheted the 50-pound-plus load down, centering the weight like a pillar so it stood faithfully at attention during immigration checks. The fore and aft grips were indispensable when tossing the bag into boats, where the stiff, waterproof Bi-Tech bottom fended off salty bilge. When it was time to roll, the big, treaded wheels and dual trolley handle made for a stable ride. 8 lbs; eaglecreek.com

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