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Why It's CoolTo support one-handed shooting, Fuji glued soft rubber where the heel of your mitt meets the camera's body, and finger grooves up front on the "handle" below the shutter housing. » The 3.1-megapixel FinePix will shoot almost five frames a second, for five seconds. That fast mode, combined with a 10x optical zoom, let me stand at a safe distance and still nab shots of a buddy hucking a ten-footer. » It takes AA cells, so you can find fresh juice worldwide. » Blogging from Baghdad? With a laptop, a cell phone, and the camera's USB cable, you can turn the FinePix into a Web cam.

Hmmm . . .The maximum exposure time is only two seconds, not long enough to decently capture a recent lunar eclipse.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

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