Nemo Losi 3P – Camping Tents: Reviews

1. At 50 square feet, this three-person model is as big as many four-person tents but weighs the same as some built for two. Even more impressive, it achieves this balance without sacrificing livability. Thanks to an efficient architecture, ultralight poles, and thinner fabrics, the Losi still boasts two huge doors and 26 square feet of vestibule space. Too much tent? Check out the scaled-down two-person version.

2. Two arching ridge poles make the Losi impressively sturdy—it easily weathered 30-mile-per-hour gusts on the Missouri River. Those same ridge poles also make the sidewalls nearly vertical, creating one of the most spacious three-person tents we've tested. The large, all-mesh canopy wicks away moisture well, and the vestibule's well-placed zippers keep rain out, even when you're coming and going.

3. Setting up the Losi by yourself is a snap, thanks to the Jake's Foot pole-anchoring system, which is more user-friendly than traditional grommets. The roll-up stuffsack makes packing a cinch, and, at night, the included eight-pocket gear organizer has a cool feature: There are two headlamp-specific pouches with light-diffusing fabric that evenly illuminate the entire tent.

(6.2 lbs)

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