Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2 – Camping Tents: Reviews

In years past, a freestanding two-person shelter this light (sub-four pounds) would have been either as cramped as an MRI machine or as flimsy as a $5 umbrella. Or both. Sierra Designs keeps the Vapor Light sturdy and saves weight by using Jake's Foot pole anchors along with superlight poles and fabrics. As for interior space, the trapezoidal shape allows enough room (26 square feet) for both occupants to sit up side by side and change layers. Plus, the Vapor Light's narrow, aerodynamic design kept it steady in Oregon-coast winds that all but collapsed other tents in the test. There are a few trade-offs, of course: There's only one door and vestibule, and our tallest testers (over six-two) felt a bit cramped. 3.6 lbs;

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