Pentax Optio S4 - Digital Cameras: Reviews

Why It's CoolShall we begin with the puny footprint, 4.1-ounce weight, and 4.2-megapixel image resolution? » You get multi-mode metering like you'd find on more expensive models. For example, there's "spot," so you can read right off someone's nose, and "multi-point," which is best for trying to nail both the fore- and background. » A macro mode lets you capture images from a scant two and a half inches away. » Optics are superb, meaning even lower-resolution shots taken near Utah's Zion National Park were well saturated and sharp enough to create excellent four-by-six prints.

Hmmm . . .In continuous-shooting mode, the S4 will capture only about one frame per second—too slow for true action photos.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

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