Lowe Alpine AirZone Snow 28 - Day Backpacks: Reviews

Good for Backcountry
Winter hikers, stop making do with ski packs: The 1,700-cubic-inch AirZone Snow is designed specifically for you. The back panel is more like one found on a warm-weather backpack. Rather than flat padding, there's an airy, suspended mesh that adds both comfort and ventilation on sweaty spring tours. Big, mitt-friendly zipper pulls allow easy access to the spacious cargo hold and the fleece-lined goggle pocket. The strap-and-clip system stowed snowshoes faster and easier than anything else we've tried. Of course, it's also designed to carry skis or a snowboard and does so pretty well. The only inherent design problem: When you wipe out, snow tends to pack under the back mesh. 2.9 lbs; lowealpine-usa.com

Filed To: Men's / Day Packs
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