Ellsworth Glimpse - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

A Classic Reinvented

In an effort to lower the price of admission, Ellsworth offers up the Glimpse, its first-ever non- commuter bike not entirely made in the USA. The aluminum tubes are still produced here, but the shaping, welding, and assembly happen in Taiwan. (You probably wouldn't have known had we not told you.) Yes, the 5.25-inch-travel, aluminum-framed Glimpse is a bit heavy, but it's essentially a copy of the company's fantastic Epiphany trail bike, with the same patented suspension design—fully active with no pedal bob—as Ellsworth's most popular bikes. The house-brand wheels were also a hit, with a wide profile that put more tire in contact with the ground. 28.5 lbs (medium); ellsworthbikes.com
Climbing: 4.3
Descending: 4.4

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