Avia Avi-Stoltz - trail-running shoes: Reviews

Speed Demon

For shorter trail races, no shoe made us feel faster than the Avi-Stoltz. It's a highly reactive shoe whose comfortable, simple upper felt "like a house slipper," according to one tester. (Others found the high ankle cuff annoying.) Despite its light weight, the Avi-Stoltz delivers enough support and aggressive traction to charge effortlessly over rough surfaces. There's not a lot of cushioning under the forefoot, but the springy ride made us want to fly. In truly rocky and technical terrain, the slightly elevated heel and stiff sole made these shoes feel a little tippy, but that same stiffness also kept sharp underfoot jabs at bay. 10.9 oz; tri.avia.com
Traction: 4.9
Stability: 2.8
Speed: 5

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