Columbia Ravenous - trail-running shoes: Reviews

Cool Runner

We have to admit, the Ravenous surprised us. Columbia is new to the running market and debuts with this breathable, lightweight, perfectly competent trail shoe. It's best on rocky terrain and—with its particularly breezy open mesh—begs to be unleashed in humid climes. The traction ranked high on dry surfaces of all kinds except mud, where it tended to cling to clods, and the light weight was most appreciated on hot days when we wished we were running barefoot. The forefoot is somewhat on the stiffer side, which felt solid on climbs but a little slappy on smooth, flat trails. Our testers with wider feet were happiest with the way the Ravenous fit. 10.9 oz;
Traction: 3.1
Stability: 2.7
Speed: 2.9

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