Timbuk2 Matrix/Covert Classic Messenger XL - Carry-On Bage: Reviews


The lightweight, waterproof Classic Messenger XL is an ode to efficient, simple transport, yawning open with a 3,313-cube maw that'll consume enough gear for week-plus jaunts. One tester made it his primary carry-on, which morphed into a daily shoulder bag while exploring foreign destinations by bike. Under-the-flap pockets equal on-the-go convenience, while internal organizer pockets cover the basics for cells, audio, cash, etc. And you gotta love the adjustable shoulder strap, incredibly stout stitching and fabric, and, especially, the Covert fabric, a sneaky reflective material that looks black but shines white as snow when headlights hit it. 3 lbs; timbuk2.com
Practicality: 4.7
Durability: 4.8

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