Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S - 35mm Cameras: Reviews

One-Second Photo

Polaroid is dead. Long live Polaroid! When the company announced in February 2008 that it was discontinuing production of its iconic instant film, reports about the end of an era ignored the fact that Fuji has supplied "Polaroid" film to the commercial industry for years. To fill the void, the company is resuscitating the medium with the Mini 7S—a consumer model that is likely to make you the life of any gathering. With only one button (the shutter) and one dial—for indoor, outdoor, sunny, or cloudy shooting—it's the very definition of simplicity and churns out wallet-size (1.8 x 2.4-inch) portraits with the classic washed-out look that iPhone apps now try to replicate. A 20-pack of film is about $20. And, no, you cannot upload your prints to Facebook—which, considering all the party shots you'll be taking, is probably a good thing. 15.4 oz; fujifilmusa.com
Features: 1
Value: 4

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