Hurricane Kayaks Category 5 - Touring and Sea Kayaks: Reviews

Fitness King

Paddling to get a workout? This lightweight performance touring kayak absolutely flies when you put your head down and hammer. "It sprang from stop to go like a racehorse," reported one tester after zipping across Lake Champlain and back. The Cat 5's deck is arced high to accommodate bent knees and an aggressive body position, but, at 23 inches wide, it's stable enough for a beginner/intermediate paddler to grow into. Plus, with one rear hatch and deck bungees, there's just enough storage for an overnight. The thigh pads aren't adjustable (though they were comfortable for most testers), but the seat is, and its ratcheting backband prevented back pain. 15'2", 43 lbs;
Stability: 3.9
Maneuverability: 4




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