Necky Rip - Touring and Sea Kayaks: Reviews

Best for Beginners

One of the hardest things to learn in a kayak is how to go in a straight line. That's why kayaking newbies especially loved this ten-and-a-half-foot plastic boat. It stays on course and maintains speed almost in spite of what its paddler is doing. In rough seas it had excellent primary and secondary stability—testers said the Rip never felt tippy—and the wind didn't blow it around. "I could chat and look around without having to pay the usual attention," said one tester. The well-padded backrest, seat, and thigh pads provided comfort and support on long days. A single day hatch kept extra clothes and a picnic lunch dry, while the cockpit accommodated even the largest paddlers. 10'6", 43 lbs;
Stability: 5
Maneuverability: 2




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