Arbor Coda: Snowboard Reviews

Last year, Arbor applied its version of multicontact edge technology—they call it GripTech—to its first hybrid-camber board (the Draft). It was a winning combination, literally, taking home last winter's Gear of the Year award. Now, GripTech and hybrid camber are featured in six of Arbor's boards, from park hounds to all-mountain cruisers. Our new favorite? The reverse-camber directional-twin Coda. If you prefer a softer ride, you'll love the Coda: It's responsive in a playful way, taking your every cue through trees and over obstacles. And for such a forgiving board, it's surprisingly poppy. The bamboo core gives the deck a lot of flex, which, when paired with the board's drawn-out tip and tail, made presses and butters easier.
FLOAT: 3.5

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