SIerra Designs Pyro 15 Sleeping Bag

THE SELL: Extra insulation keeps you warm where it counts. THE TEST: Because you lose proportionately more heat through your torso and feet, Sierra Designs beefed up the amount of 600-fill in that region. It's a simple and smart solution—and one that every tester praised. Equally popular were the usual Sierra Designs amenities like removable leashes for keeping your sleeping pad in place and a pocket on the underside of the bag for stashing a fleece for a pillow. THE VERDICT: It's a bit heavier and less compressible than other Sierra Designs three-season bags. But if you're a cold sleeper or have bad circulation, the extra warmth more than justifies the added bulk. 15º; 2.9 lbs.
Compressibility: 3.5
Warmth-to-weight ratio: 3.5

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