The North Face Gold Kazoo Sleeping Bag

The North Face Gold Kazoo Sleeping Bag (Courtesy of The North Face)
The North Face Gold Kazoo Sleeping Bag

THE SELL: Synthetic pads underneath this summer-weight down bag create a comfier and better-insulated buffer against the ground. THE TEST: If you mostly sleep on your back, the strategically placed pads—shoulder blades, back of your head, butt, and heel—really do work; several testers noted that they upped the comfort factor on a backpacking trip in the Cascades. The parka-inspired hood is as snug and warm as a Russian fur hat, a detail overlooked in most warm-weather bags. Best of all, the liner is the best we've ever tested. "It sounds funny to say this," noted one tester, "but the liner really is remarkably soft." THE VERDICT: Our favorite summer-weight bag. 30º; 2.1 lbs.
Compressibility: 4
Warmth-to-weight ratio: 4

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