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Apple iPad 2 Tablet

iPad 2 (Photo: Inga Hendrickson)
iPad 2

How did we ever consume media before the iPad? Whether in bed, on the couch, on the plane—it's become a constant companion. And the second version is a massive improvement:thinner and lighter (just 1.3 lbs),
noticeably faster thanks to a dual-core A5 chip, and outfitted with front and back cameras (even if the video is decidedly mediocre in clarity). The iPad 2 is far and away the best tablet on the market and, perhaps more important, is the platform offering the lion's share of entertainment and utility. There are some 350,000 apps for the iPad, compared with 100,000 for Android-based tablets. We even fell in love with Apple's unbelievably slick (and protective) smart cover ($39).
Features: 5 (out of 5)

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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson
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