Optic Nerve Dolby Sunglasses

Optic Nerve Dolby Sunglasses (Courtesy of Optic Nerve)
Optic Nerve Dolby Sunglasses

THE SELL: Lightweight street-sport crossover with a lot of bang for very few bucks. THE TEST: Solid head hold and coverage in a design that doesn't call attention to itself—or you—on the trail or in town. Big polarized poly lenses cover high and wide in a copper tint that pulls out depth and contrast even in fast-changing light conditions (e.g., woodsy singletrack). We'd be a lot more enthusiastic if we hadn't compared these shades with all the others here. Truthfully, the optics are not quite up to the others—but we're talking very minor differences in acuity and pop. You get "good enough," not "wowza!"—which, of course, you're not paying for. THE VERDICT: Sensible choice, if sensible is how you want your sunglasses. Look and feel are a mite down-market.
Value: 4.5
Performance: 3.5
Look: 3

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