Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses

THE SELL: Luxury multisport performer, newly released in white. THE TEST: Get past the loud design and there's solid performance engineering here: sticky pads at the nose and ears, a springy frame that hangs on to the head, all-around coverage from frames tight to the eyebrows and lenses that drop to your cheekbones. Thanks to glare-killing polarized dark gray poly lenses, your eyes can kick back and see with cool clarity, even in the worst glare hells. And we dig the asymmetric logoing at the temples—kaenon right, outrageous abstract thingy left. Great for the road or sun-hammered granite. But you're feelin' the beach, aren't you? Miami Beach. Hot tubs and champagne, baby! THE VERDICT: Super shades if you've got the nerve. Available in other colors if you don't.
Value: 4
Performance: 4.5
Look: 5 (unless it's 0.5)

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Kaenon
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