Olympus E-5 Camera

Olympus E-5 Camera (Courtesy of Olympus)
Photo: Courtesy of Olympus Olympus E-5 Camera

THE SELL: An HD-video update on the company's popular pro-level E-3. THE TEST: The E-5 uses an upgraded 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and adds a series of sensible features, like a three-inch tilt/swivel LCD screen for live-mode shooting and twin SD-and CF-card slots for versatility and redundancy. The ISO range hits a respectable 6,400, which is a bit behind the cutting edge but adequately compensates for low light. The E-5's 720p, 30-frames-per-second video is a huge step beyond not having video at all but comes up a bit short compared with other cameras in this price range. Compensating for the smallish video is Olympus's line of ultra-clear Zukio lenses. THE VERDICT: If shooting video isn't a priority, the E-5 is a solid performer for serious enthusiasts.
Value: 3

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