Pentax WG-1 Camera

Pentax WG-1 Camera (Courtesy of Pentax)
Pentax WG-1 Camera

THE SELL:The camera you'll clip to your pack. THE TEST:To come up with the nearly everything-proof 14-megapixel WG-1, Pentax started with last year's GOY-winning W90 and added even more ruggedization. The WG-1 can withstand 220 pounds of pressure, is dustproof and waterproof to 33 feet, and can be dropped onto concrete from five feet and still keep firing. More important, for all that armor, the Pentax offers a 28–140mm optical zoom and 720p video at a lifelike 30 frames per second. For close-up underwater shooting—of a seahorse, say—the WG-1 offers a microscope mode that uses five LED lights around the lens and can focus on objects less than an inch away. THE VERDICT:The image quality won't blow your mind, but the WG-1 will keep shooting long after other cameras have been whisked out of harm's way.
Value: 4

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