Nikon D7000 Camera

Nikon D7000 Camera (Inga Hendrickson)
Nikon D7000 Camera

With its three-inch LCD screen, live-view 1080p HD-video shooting, and 16.2-mega­pixel still images, the D7000 packs a serious number of features into a compact body. Even compared with the company's flagship models, the D7000 stacks up, with tech solutions that will no doubt trickle up. The CMOS sensor isn't full-frame, but the D7000 can still capture an impressive six frames per second, and its expanded-range ISO of 25,600 allows it to shoot clear pictures in low light without a flash. One of the major problems first-generation DSLRs had with shooting video was that once you hit the record button, the camera ceased to auto­focus. The D7000 shifts focus quickly, even while you're recording. Another nice bonus you won't find on any other DSLR in this price range: a built-in intervalometer, which allows the camera to shoot a series of still frames that can then be stitched together into a time-lapse video. That's just cool. Time-lapse photography usually requires a separate piece of equipment to tell the camera to fire every few seconds. The D7000 integrates an intervalometer so you can shoot time-lapse right out of the box.
Features: 4.5 (out of 5)
Value: 5

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