Black Diamond Skylight Tent

Black Diamond Skylight Tent (Inga Hendrickson)
Black Diamond Skylight Tent

THE SELL: Mesh climate control up front, single-wall convenience in the back. THE TEST: We
so loved the first Skylight—a 2.5-person, one-vestibule tent that's half mesh double-wall and half waterproof-breathable singlewall—it won Gear of the Year in 2006. This year, BD updated it with its Nanoshield fabric, which the company says boosts the waterproofness for better performance in sub-alpine and rainy environs. Better was hard to gauge, but we can say that it easily weathered lashing rain, snow, and wind over multiple nights in the Cascades. As with all partial or completely single-wall tents, we did note modest condensation. THE VERDICT: At 37 square feet, there's an amazing space-to-weight ratio if you can live with a bit of interior dewing. 3.8 lbs.
Livability: 4.5
Sturdiness: 5

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