Garmin Vector

Garmin Vector Power Meter (Courtesy of Garmin)
Photo: Courtesy of Garmin Garmin Vector Power Meter

After talking about it for a long time, Garmin is finally showing a production-ready version of it's new pedal-based power meter, with a delivery date of March 2012. In short, the device is based a Look Kéo-compatible pedal platform (the price includes a pair of Exustar pedals) that’s equipped with strain gauges that collect power output data built into the pedal's spindle. At $1,500, the Vector will sit neatly in the pricing mid-range of power meters currently on the market while offering a convenience that none of the others can match: the ability to swap your meter from bike to bike by simply switching out your pedals. Because the Vector collects data from each pedal, you'll be able to track power output balance between your left and right side, a great feature for rehabbing injuries or improving your pedaling efficiency. The pedals are compatible with any ANT+ head unit, but to take advantage of all the data set (for instance, the left-right power stats) you'll need to use Garmin's Edge 500 or 800 computers.

The Garmin Vector was one of our editor’s five picks for Gear of the Show at the 2011 Interbike show. Click here to see the rest.

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