BMC TM02    Photo: Courtesy of BMC

Best For: Triathletes, TTers, Tron geeks. 

The Test: Our speed-freak testers drooled over the teardrop shaping of the seat tube, wind-scrubbing ribs along the leading edge of each tube, and massive (read: powerful) bottom bracket and aero crankarms. They also appreciated the four saddle-mounting positions, which allowed almost everyone to achieve their preferred aero stance. The only major complaint was with the rear V-brakes, which are poorly designed, with little adjustment built in, so fixing a rub turned into an all-morning affair. And though the R501 wheels were fine, our most discerning testers agreed that, budget allowing, an upgrade to lighter, higher-profile hoops was in order. 

The Verdict: Faster than Usain Bolt; more aggressive than Mike Tyson. 19.4 lbs

Filed To: Men's, Road Bikes
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