REI Igneo

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

The Igneo has all the features you want in a sleeping bag, and lacks two things you don’t: extra weight and a high price. The 19-degree-rated bag slips under the two-pound mark thanks to premium materials—800-fill down insulation and superlight shell fabrics—and a snug “performance cut.” But the Igneo is no minimalist. Testers from New Mexico’s Jemez hot springs to Oregon’s Cascades appreciated the full-length zipper, the zippered stash pocket, and the comfy yoke-shaped draft collar. The Igneo’s real standout feature was the new waterproof coating from Toyota (yep, they make more than just cars), designed to repel condensation without the weight, bulk, and annoying keep-your-tentmate-up-at-night crinkle of a waterproof shell. More important, it works: it kept our bag dry even in a drizzly Oregon morning fog. For colder adventures, the Magma, the Igneo’s seven-degree brother, offers the same features at a similarly decent price ($379). 19°; 1.8 lbs


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