Vaude Terkum 74+ 10

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Big dudes hauling serious loads. THE TEST: One reason the 75-plus-liter Terkum rides so well is the hipbelt’s Boa system—the same knob-and-wire lacing found in helmets and shoes. We found ourselves microadjusting the belt to keep the weight riding on our hips instead of our shoulders. But there’s more to the Terkum than techy adjustment options. The densely woven Cordura fabric is the toughest we tested, and the pack is loaded with user-friendly features—side pockets that zip away and a removable, stashable rain cover—to make heavy schleps easier. THE VERDICT: It ain’t light, but whether we were hauling rock gear for a technical ascent, a winch for trail work, or the stuff our kids couldn’t fit in their packs, this big bubba swallowed it all. 6.2 lbs


Adjusting the height of your shoulder-strap system usually involves taking it off and fumbling with a few straps. A self-locking piece of webbing on the Terkum’s hipbelt allows you to make slight changes on the fly