Timberland Lite Trace Mid

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Getting there first. THE TEST: At a gossamer 13 ounces, the Trace was the lightest midcut shoe in the test. Timberland defies gravity by inserting a lightweight foam in the midsole more commonly found in track flats and by slimming the upper, a seamless construction that laminates the exterior, waterproofing, and interior into one ultrathin layer. Considering how light it is, we were impressed with the Trace’s guts. It locked testers’ ankles as securely as much heavier-duty hikers, even with a 30-pound pack shouldered. The downside? The upper is like a pincushion for thorns, and the flexy toe box caused hot spots for at least one tester. THE VERDICT: The dream shoe for fast packers, just mind the sharp stuff. 13 oz


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