Perception Prodigy 135

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Bringing friends along. THE TEST: The Prodigy 135 blends the spaciousness of a canoe with the weight-at-the-waterline stability of a kayak that seats an adult plus a child, a dog, or (as long as neither is too big) both. The secret is variable seating: the kids’ jump seat (just large enough for a small adult) is removable, and the main seat can be moved forward or back to accommodate your number and type of passengers. It’s not the fastest boat, but once at speed it’s no slacker, either. And though it has limited dry storage, the wide cockpit can hold coolers, a grill, drybags, and anything else you want to jam in there. THE VERDICT: Built for comfort, not for speed. 13.6'; 62 lbs


Have a little kayaking budy? Just move the Prodigy's main seat back and clip in the removable kid-size jump seat in the extra-long cockpit.