Old Town Stillwater 14

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Families. THE TEST: Recreational canoes usually come in three flavors: heavy, sluggish, and both at once. The Stillwater breaks the mold. The moderately flared fiberglass hull helps keep the weight down and cuts through the water efficiently. The flat bottom and broad midsection (39 inches at the beam) make for a stable ride, even with squirmy kids and wiggling dogs, while its keel will keep newbies going straight. As the name suggests, it performs best on lakes and open water, but there’s just enough rocker for to maneuver bendy rivers and narrow creeks. Nice touch: the ash-and-webbing seats are as comfy as they are classy. THE VERDICT: The Cadillac of recreational canoes. 14'; 63 lbs