Fluid Do It Now

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Courtesy of Fluid

BEST FOR: Learning to whitewater kayak. THE TEST: It’s been a while since the release of a convincing whitewater sit-on-top. The Do It Now might be the best one yet. Like all sit-on-tops, it obviates the claustrophobia many beginners experience being strapped into a kayak and flipped upside down. But unlike earlier attempts, the Do It Now paddles more like a true closed-deck kayak, with thigh straps that allow for rolling and raised knee braces for control. Most important, the hull is designed like a modern river-running creekboat—which makes the paddling experience much closer to what’s in store once you have your confidence. THE VERDICT: Buy it now. 8'10"; 42 lbs


Always wanted to learn how to whitewater kayak, but been intimidated by claustrophobic decked boats? The Do It Now is the most fun sit-on-top we've ever tested.