Boardworks Badfish MCIT

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Whitewater paddling, the space-constrained, or frequent fliers. THE TEST: The inflatable SUPs we’ve tested in the past were as floppy as dead fish—and often just as much fun. Not so the Badfish, which deflates down to a large duffel-bag-size bundle. Designed to run whitewater rivers and surf standing waves, this inflatable, with military-grade rubber and three air chambers, was more rigid than any other we tried. Super-wide (35 inches) with a recessed deck framed by air-chamber rails, the Badfish is also uncommonly stable. Our only gripe: water pools in the sunken deck, which is fine in the flush of a river but annoying on flatwater. THE VERDICT: Finally, an inflatable SUP that’s solid, durable, and entertaining. The Badfish is even a hoot in ocean surf. 9'/10'6"/11'6", 27/30/33 lbs