Jamis Dragon 650B

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Dragon 650B

Dragon 650B    Photo: Courtesy of Jamis Bicycles

BEST FOR: Splitting the difference. THE TEST: Can’t decide between 26 and 29? Go 650B, which is 27.5 inches for those of you who don’t read the bike mags. You get wheels that feel as agile as 26ers but have many of the rolling benefits of bigger hoops. As for the rest of the bike, it’s typical hardworking Jamis stuff: a Reynolds steel frame that kills bumps like a road grader; snappy, high-value Shimano SLX components; and a (perhaps too) squishy 4.7-inch White Brothers Loop fork. Bonus: comes with a trim-but-supple WTB Silverado Saddle. THE VERDICT: A fun bike for beating around the trails, though hardly a perfect specimen. Look for lots of 650B competition in 2013. 27.1 lbs