Tumi Ducati Due Porte Suitcase

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Tumi Ducati Due Porte

Tumi Ducati Due Porte    Photo: Courtesy of Tumi

The partnership of a venerable luggage maker with an Italian motorsports legend has us duly impressed. Yup, we swooned for the Euro styling; it drew comments every time we deplaned. But the 9.5-pound beaut stands solid with an intelligent design we loved throughout a 16,000-mile land/sea/air recon in Australia and New Zealand. What’s so smart? The polycarbonate hard-shell bottom hinged to a crushproof collapsible nylon top panel that worked like a lightweight shipping crate. On the ocean leg it withstood piles of stacked bags without squashing. And we like the simplicity—just two roomy compartments (separated by a zippered divider) worth 77 liters that swallowed a month’s clothes and snorkeling gear. The TSA-approved integrated combo lock secures the main zipper access, but you’ll still need an additional lock for the top panel. Bottom line: sure, it’s pricy, but it’s sophisticated, it’s durable, and it features clever engineering that separates it from the pack. 9.5 lbs