Gregory Cache 28L Pack

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Gregory Cache 28L Pack

Gregory Cache 28L Pack    Photo: Courtesy of Gregory

BEST FOR: Slinging it on your back. THE TEST: The Cache has a secret weapon: a single shoulder strap that affixes to the exterior, soft side of the pack. It’s a smart design, especially if you only occasionally need to shoulder your bag: the well-padded strap is surprisingly comfy and adds virtually no weight. The 77-liter roller’s other unique feature is its extra-wide handle, which allows you to roll it beside you. And because the handle’s -aluminum posts run down the sides of the bag, as opposed to right down the middle, you can lay shirts flat and pack more efficiently. The only problem: the handle doesn’t lock in place as well as others and has an annoying tendency to collapse when you lean on it or, say, try to push it (instead of roll it). THE VERDICT: A smart, if imperfect, take on a convertible roller. 10.2 lbs


Should the need arise, a hide-away shoulder strap on Gregory's Cache allows you to quickly sling it across your back.