SylvanSport Go

My first reaction to SylvanSport’s Go was… meh. I’m not really a trailer guy, and the Go seemed a bit overpriced and gimmicky. Then the company loaned me one, and my buddies and I started cruising around New Mexico with it. It’s easy to hook up, even to a Subaru, and it weighs only 840 pounds. (Compare that with a 7,000-pound Airstream.) You can haul just about every toy in the garage with its Thule- and Yakima-compatible rack system, and the weathertight gear box up front will fit nearly all of your car-camping requisites, including a two-burner stove and collapsible table. Once at your destination, transforming the Go into a two-man tent/base of operations takes just a few minutes. (It comes with two six-and-a-half-foot-long sleeping pads; an optional panel lets you fit four.) It’s probably overkill for occasional car campers, but if you’re the type who heads out every weekend on biking, paddling, or motocross missions—we’re told it’ll hold a bike—it’s without a doubt the ultimate adventure sidekick.

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