9 Smart Triathlon Upgrades

B12 triathlon bike

B12 triathlon bike    Photo: Courtesy of Felt

Felt B12 Triathlon Bike

Loaded with high-end features like custom wheels, Dura-Ace derailleurs, and a light, stiff carbon frame, Felt’s B12 triathlon bike comes race ready and is a killer deal; go cheaper and you’ll be throwing down for more aero wheels by next season.



Oakley RadarLock Paths

eyewear radarlock blood orange fire iridium
oo9181-08 radarlock pathlock   Photo: Photo: Craig Saruwatari

There are many reasons why Oakley’s RadarLock Paths are the Gear of the Year–winning sunglasses in this year’s summer Buyer’s Guide. Among them: they weigh almost nothing, and swapping out the wide polarized lens is a snap.

Nineteen’s Rogue Wetsuit

Rogue wetsuit
  Photo: Courtesy of Nineteen

Bands of five-millimeter neoprene (the competition-legal max) line the forearms of Nineteen’s Rogue wetsuit, adding width and allowing them to grab more water per stroke. Plus, extra-buoyant panels in the hips raise them up to reduce drag. Fits slim torsos best.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT Watch

Forerunner 910XT watch
Forerunner 910XT watch   Photo: Courtesy of Garmin

Garmin’s Forerunner 910XT watch measures everything, from strokes swum to the moment you should eat your third gel on a run. Testers loved that it took five minutes to figure out and syncs seamlessly with cadence sensors, scales, power meters, and other devices.

Rudy Project Wingspan Helmet

Wingspan helmet
Wingspan helmet   Photo: Courtesy of Rudy Project

Sidi T3.6 Vent Carbon Shoes

Sidi T3.6 Vent Carbon shoes
Sidi T3.6 Vent Carbon shoes   Photo: Courtesy of Sidi

Sidi’s T3.6 Vent Carbon shoes are the only tri-specific cycling kicks available with 100 percent carbon-fiber soles (not carbon composite, which adds flex), for optimal power transfer. Plus, vents underfoot drain water.

Castelli Body Paint Tri Kit

Castelli Body Pain tri suit
  Photo: Courtesy of Castelli

The chamois in the bibs of Castelli’s Body Paint tri kit is just thick enough for Ironman distances on the bike and, just as important, perfectly placed to virtually disappear during the run.

CEP Calf Sleeves

CEP calf sleeves
  Photo: Courtesy of CEP

Zoot Ultra TT 5.0 Running Shoes

Ultra TT5.0 running shoes
Ultra TT5.0 running shoes   Photo: Courtesy of Zoot

At 8.6 ounces, Zoot’s Ultra TT 5.0 running shoes are light enough for going full throttle during sprint events, and testers who didn’t need pronation control found them stable enough to tackle longer distances.

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