The Crib Cabin

The Crib
The Crib

It’s ironic that dreams of escape are often fueled by four walls and a roof—but understandable when that enclosure is the Crib, an infinitely adaptable, modern yet ­unpretentious prefab shelter from architect Jeffrey Broadhurst. ­Conceived as a weekend retreat hidden away in the woods, the 250-square-foot weather-ready structure takes its inspiration from traditional American corn cribs, and it pops up—with the help of a crane and work crew—in just a few days. Its inside and outside spaces blur together, thanks to translucent polycarbonate walls and a garage-like swing-up door that opens onto the deck. You can stash your gear under the house, sleep in the mini loft, and chill on the ­veranda—it’s a little bit of Norman Rockwell, a smidge of Frank Lloyd Wright, and a whole lot of Robinson Crusoe.

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