SmartWool PhD SmartLoft Divide Jacket

Oct 29, 2012
Outside Magazine

   Photo: SmartWool

BEST FOR: Moving quickly in cool weather.

THE TEST: The Divide has a familiar design—an insulated chest panel with stretchy, breathable material along the back and arms—but with a unique twist. Instead of fleece arms and synthetic insulation, it’s wool throughout, including merino for the arms and back and fluffy wool-based fill for insulation. On sweaty cross-country ski outings and winter runs, the shirtlike, one-pound SmartLoft Divide breathed just as well as its synthetic competition. The jacket’s core-warming front was balanced by the thin merino elsewhere—which, by design, lets wind cut straight through.

THE VERDICT: Aerobic do-all coat that several testers praised as the ultimate winter midlayer. 1 lb

Breathability: 5
Weatherproofness: 1