Never Summer Proto CT/CTX Snowboard

   Photo: Never Summer

GEAR OF THE YEAR: Twin boards used to belong to freestyle riders, shining most on kickers and rails. But because they were soft and often chattery on uneven snow, they were less fun outside the park. Tides have turned, and manufacturers like Never Summer are experimenting with stiffness and pop—and it’s working. Enter the all-terrain twin Proto CT. “Best board of the test,” one rider wrote across his form. Credit the use of burly P-tex sidewalls and a wood core concoction, which adds pop while cutting weight. Plus, rocker between the bindings blended with camber at the tip and tail makes it breach like a porpoise in powder and hold an edge when it counts. Big feet? The wide-waisted CTX pleased testers with size 11 feet. Our only gripe: the 160-centimeter length (longest available) wasn’t long enough for some.

Response: 4.5
Versatility: 5

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