Dynastar Cham 97 Skis

   Photo: Dynastar

GEAR OF THE YEAR: Rocker (an upward bend of the ski) and taper (a narrowing at the tip, tail, or both) are arguably the biggest innovations since metal edges. Getting the right balance is the tough part. Not so with Dynastar’s Cham 97, named for the French company’s hometown of Chamonix. The Cham 97 is one of the most versatile all-mountain skis we’ve ever tested. The tips float you in everything short of waist-deep glop, while the camber underfoot and flat tails let you power through turns in classic hard-charging Dynastar style. Our only gripe is that the wide, rockered tip flutters a bit on hardpack. But that’s a small price to pay for a true one-ski quiver. 118/133/97/113/94

Overall: 5
Carving: 4.4
Resort Float: 4.8

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