Völkl Shiro Skis

Oct 29, 2012
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Volkl

BEST FOR: Floating high and still carving a bit, too.

THE TEST: The Shiro is nearly as surfy as the Rossi Super 7 and nearly as buoyant as the BD Megawatt, but once you get the hang of it—tip it on edge, don’t try and drive it—you can actually have a fine time arcing turns when the snow gets tracked out. The key is in the rocker: there’s enough to pop you to the surface, but you still get full contact during a carve.

THE VERDICT: It’s a powder ski, but if you ride in deep regions (hello, Utah), you’ll be reaching for it a lot. “Solid underfoot and lots of energy,” said one tester. 151/119/135

Overall: 4.9
Stability: 4.4
Float: 4.6