Mountain Approach Folding Approach Skis

Oct 27, 2011
Outside Magazine
Mountain Approach Folding Approach

Mountain Approach Folding Approach Skis    Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Approach

Until now, snowboarders have generally had two options for getting into the backcountry: snowshoes or splitboards. But snowshoeing is slow (no glide), and even the best break-aparts aren’t as responsive as a solid board. Mountain Approach’s Folding Approach skis offer a new way. In lieu of a traditional P-tex base, these 55-inch-long, 4.5-pound minis have integrated climbing skins and free-pivoting bindings, allowing you to skin up in your snowboard boots. At the top, you fold the skis into thirds—two hinges let them collapse—slide them into the included 35-liter backpack, and down you go.