Zeal Transcend GPS SPPX Goggles

Oct 26, 2011
Outside Magazine
Zeal Transcend GPS SPPX

Zeal Transcend GPS SPPX Goggles    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

It seems like technological tomfoolery. A GPS-powered digital display embedded in the lens of high-end, polarized, photochromic goggles? Foolish but for the fact that the Zeal Transcend GPS SPPX works exceedingly well. Better, actually, than anything you could wear on your wrist or download to your smartphone. While last year's version was pretty slick, the new model is even cooler, with pre-loaded resort maps and a feature that automatically records distance and drop. Part of the reason is how easy it is to use: simply reach up and toggle through speed, altitude, temperature, distance, and more. The micro display, visible toward the bottom right of the lens, disappears from view when you're skiing. It's like a downloadable dashboard from one of those badass European roadsters James Bond drives—when he isn't on the slopes.