Völkl Nunataq

Nov 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Völkl Nunataq Skis

Völkl Nunataq Skis    Photo: Courtesy of Völkl

It’s the Holy Grail: a fully rockered powder ski that carves cleanly on hard snow. Finally, the Nunataq nails it. “Pivot, slash, and edge with power; super-fun,” said one tester. “Buttery flex, exceptional dampness, effortless turn initiation—yet still light enough to climb,” said another. One of the main reasons this ski is so playful is its shape. The Nunataq’s dimensions are based on Völkl’s Gotama alpine ski, one of the most popular all-mountain powder skis of all time. While the Nunataq is at its best slashing through soft or uncut snow, the combination of moderate flex, traditional sidecut, and tip-to-tail rocker means you can still lean on it confidently on firmer snow. Thanks to air channels in the ski’s wood core, the Nunataq is also remarkably light for such a wide board. Bonus: holes in the tip make affixing the optional pretrimmed Colltex skins ($185; colltex.com) a snap. 139/107/123, 7.9 lbs

POWER: 4.5