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Face it: You're too old for the PlayStation. Still, an all-business laptop would be pure drudgery. Lucky for you, Alienware—the Miami-based notebook-gaming powerhouse that custom-manufactures some of its systems with twice the computing oomph of an Xbox—has released a hybrid that can crank through the "Legendary" level of Halo 2 or shuffle 50 PowerPoint slides with equal ease. Unlike most laptops, which suck the processor to drive graphics, all of Alienware's machines come with gaming-dedicated graphics hardware, which means the bad guys will run fluidly across the sights of your rocket launcher.

Specs:Hard drive: 60 gigabytes >> Processor: 1.8 gigahertz >> RAM: 1 gigabyte >> Weight: 4 pounds 11 ounces >> Screen: 12 inches >> Bonus: Integrated Wi-Fi, DVD writer, Bluetooth

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