Maui Jim Volcano - Sunglasses: Reviews

Disproving conventional wisdom that gray lenses make for a flat, blah view, Maui Jim's high-tech PolarizedPlus2 lenses add contrast and depth to reveal colors in all their throbbing glory. The optically ground glass yields superb clarity and detail, with a dark tint for searing brightness. And the oversize frames provide ample coverage for big guys' eyes. Consider these for ocean sports—sailing, cruising, offshore fishing—when endless hours of sun and water glare are your main concerns. Sticky rubber at the ears keeps the Volcano aboard when things get wet.

Bonus: Maui Jim has a prescription program.

Bummer: Fishing, yes; windsurfing, no: Glass lenses can shatter in a crash.

Filed To: Men's / Sunglasses / Snow Sports
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