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One tester spirited away the Apache as soon as it arrived and only returned it a few weeks later, after we threatened to withhold his pay—and even then it took a few days. The Apache is simply one of the most fun cross-country bikes we've ridden, especially for the money. It climbs a lot lighter than its weight suggests but still bombs descents like a supercharged Fabien Barel. We took it on all manner of trail, from Tucson's flat, loopy Fantasy Island track to arm-jangling jeep roads, and we never found any terrain on which the four inches of suspension and assertive, head-forward geometry didn't feel at home. 28.2 lbs, 18-19 in; www.k2bike.com

Bonus: All this, and it comes with Crank Brothers Egg Beater pedals.

Bummer: An upgraded fork with lockout would be nice.

Filed To: Men's / Snow Sports
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